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Cats Planet Sudoku Games

4.0 ( 9840 ratings )
游戏 어드벤처 퍼즐
开发 Iberian Games

Do you like Sudoku games? Do you like cats? Then Cats Planet is the free game you need, a free Sudoku game about cats. If you are a lover of puzzles and jigsaws, dare to accompany these wonderful kittens in an exciting adventure solving puzzles. There are puzzles for everyone! Sudokus for beginners, sudoku for kids, puzzles for experts ... Be the king of sudokus!

The objective of the game is to complete and combine all the puzzles with the sweet colored kittens without repeating their color in lines and columns (It is not a game of numbers, it is a colorful and fun game). Use your wits to solve all the puzzles we have created for you. Will you be able to color all the lines? Meaaw!

Whether you love puzzles or not, Cats Planet will charm you as it is the best free Sudoku and the most original Sudoku of numbers? NO! Sudoku of colorful cats, the best free puzzle game for you and your friends, family and children, think to solve sudokus and share results. Play with your friends! They are colorful cats. That does not make it an easy puzzle game! Dare to play, it is very intuitive and attractive, a free game for children and adults. The kittens will help you to make the different puzzles, enjoy the sudokus that the cute kittens have prepared.

Characteristics of Planet Cats.

Awesome game modes; classic sudoku, traditional sudoku, easy and difficult sudokus. Sudokus for everyone!

History mode! Enjoy the adventures of the cats. A story full of color!

Use the power-up clue. So that you do not block yourself doing the color sudoku!

Sudoku against the clock. But be careful and don´t crash!

You can make and redo movements, but without an eraser!

Power-up superclue and power-up corrector. That way they become easier!

Adorable cats of all races

Puzzle game is one of the best match 3 games. Check it out! Combine and discover the mysterious puzzles of the game

Cats Planet - Free sudoku game

Enjoy this game of cats mixed with the mental training offered by the puzzle games, solve these funny puzzles and take these cute kittens all over the house to the bedroom, enjoy this journey through the universe of cats.

Cats Planet - Free sudoku game

Enjoy the best free puzzle game, within a universe of colors and incredible effects that Cats Planet offers you, use the power-ups to help you solve the puzzles.
The instructions of Cats Planet are very easy to understand, it is a puzzle that contains some pieces of colors inserted in some cells as initial clues. Your goal is to place the colored kittens in the empty squares to complete the puzzle. Each column, line and region can have only one cat of each color to complete the sudoku. Whenever we update, there are new puzzles!

- It is not a sudokus solver app although it allows to use power-ups within the app to take shortcuts.
- Its not a sudoku of words, nor a sudoku of numbers, its a super sudoku of colors for free !!
- Solving puzzles is up to you. Train your brain!
- It is not an online sudokus game or a sudoku game of figures Only colors!
- Cats are sweet and adorable. Kitty mania!
- Its not an impossible game, but it could be a difficult game. Be smart!

Become the king of sudoku and train your brain doing braintraining with the most fun and addictive game on the market, keep in mind that it is a totally free game that is financed with ads from our partners inside and you can also make purchases that will allow you Complete the puzzles faster.